Archived: 1930-1980 Delectable Desks

1. 1980′s Burr Walnut Ambassador desk by HK furniture, UK.

2.  SD1 desk designed by Wells Coates for PEL, UK, 1931.

3. 1950′s Yellow lacquered steel desk.

4. 1960′s Rosewood & Mahogany desk by Gordon Russell, UK.

5. 1950′s French teak & ebonised Studio desk.

6. 1930′s Swedish Oak roll top bureau .

7. 1950’s French ebonised  Industrial desk.

8. 1950’s Afrormosia bureau by Richard Hornby for Fyne Ladye Furniture, UK.

9. 1950’s Polished Steel desk by SP, UK.

10. Mahogany Senior desk designed by Robin Day for Hille, UK, 1952.

11.1950’s Red lacquered steel desk.

12. SD2 Oak desk designed by Wells Coates for Kingfisher, UK, 1931.

13. 1960’s Scandinavian Rosewood & red leather desk .

14. 1950’s British Steel & Oak desk.

15. Teak desk designed by Heinrich Roepstorff , Denmark, 1957.

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