1970’s Parrot Chair with Bauhaus Fabric

Parrot hanging chair designed by IB Arberg for Abre Designs, Sweden 1974. Chrome tubular seat frame upholstered in Bauhaus furnishing fabric. Bauhaus fabric was designed by Susan Collier & Sarah Campbell for Liberty, London, 1972. The design was based on an original Gunta Stölzl design for Bauhaus in 1929. Collier Campbell adapted the design for Liberty’s as part of their revival of  Deco inspired textiles in 1969.


2 thoughts on “1970’s Parrot Chair with Bauhaus Fabric

  1. Just found a beautiful scarf I have held-on for over 40 years, it was a
    accessory to a long lounge like piece I was so fond of in the 1970’s…
    because of the stunning design I have kept the scarf, taking it out today
    I notice what look like a signature and date at the very end of the scarf..
    Well…. armed with my glasses and computer, I discovered it was the
    fabulous design of the sisters…… Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell.

    OMG!!! if only I had not disposed of the dress, but still I feel like I have
    a treasure, your information and photos made my day… much thanks!

  2. That’s a great story & that’s what I love about the internet being able to locate & understand about things you had no prior knowledge of!

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