Archived: Giant Swatch Watches; The Maxi Swatch

1. Harajuku Maxi Swatch, 1988.

2. Radar Maxi Swatch, 1987.

3. Space People Maxi Swatch, 1993.

4. Mackintosh Maxi Swatch, 1988.

5. Nautilus Maxi Swatch, 1987.

6. Vasily Maxi Swatch , 1987.

7. Vulcano Maxi Swatch, 1987.

Swatch designed and made the first Maxi Swatches for advertising in 1985 they were oversized wall clock versions of a Swatch measuring 2.10m in height.

6 thoughts on “Archived: Giant Swatch Watches; The Maxi Swatch

  1. I used to want one of the wall watches soooo much as a kid. My older and cooler cousin had one in his bedroom and I was desperate to have one just like it. He also had a sleeping bag/camping bed thing that was a giant trainer! Oh to be so cool! Emma x

    • A giant trainer sleeping bag sounds amazing! I have a Vasily Maxi on my wall and have read the 1980s time on it for years, I love it!

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