Graphically Cyrk: Vintage Polish Circus Posters

3 Basset Hounds

Pink Lion

Lady Lion Tamer

Tiger Fire

Animal Circus

Red Tiger

Tightrope Bear

Dog Dance


1. 3 Basset Hounds designed by Roman Cieslewicz, 1966.

2. Pink Lion designed by Waldemar Swierzy, 1963.

3. Lady Lion Tamer designed by Walemar Swierzy, 1965.

4. Tiger Flame designed by Tadeusz Jodlowsky, 1970.

5. Animal Circus designed by Jacek Neugebauer, 1965.

6. Red Tiger designed by Hubert Hilscher, 1966.

7. Tightrope Bear designed in 1971.

8. Dog Dance designed by Wiktor Gorka, 1969.

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