Comfortably Op Art: 1970’s Kontor Chair

Kontor chair

Kontor chair

Kontor chair

Kontor chair

Kontor-brochureOriginal brochure from Parker and Farr, 1975.


housegardenapril1971-blogThe Kontor chair featured in House and Garden’s April 1971 edition.


The Kontor chair designed by Brian Long for Parker and Farr, circa 1971 epitomises the space age style of the time. Due to low numbers being produced or not many surviving, the Kontor chair is a rare example of British Op Art design. Brian Long was a well renowned furniture designer whose work features in the V&A’s collection;

The designer and furniture maker Brian Long (b. 1934) taught at Trent Polytechnic (later Nottingham Trent University) and produced designs for a number of companies including Heals, John Alan Designs and Dunlop Ltd. He was particularly well known for his work with polyurethane and latex foam, winning the Dunlop Aeropreen Award in 1968 and the Dunlopillo awards in 1969 and 1970. He was included in the V&A exhibition ‘The way we live now’ in 1978 and from this exhibition four drawings of furniture were acquired by the Prints Drawings and Paintings Department. This includes a specification drawing for the Torsion Box Shell chair.;


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