Sculptural Followers; Exhibiting at the Castle


Over the summer Alan Fears has been busy beavering away on a new project bringing his ‘followers’ to life.

‘You’re a follower, I’m a follower, we’re all followers following each other…

The followers concept is an exercise in how we perceive one another. In my mind, when I visualise a group of followers, I see a mixed bag of stereotypes, a sea of gormless faces waiting vacantly for a cue or command. They’re not real people, they don’t have thoughts and feelings, they’re just followers, strangers, faces, things. Yet, the longer I look at the random selection of beings, the more they become individuals, personalities. Just like pets, you start to humanise these strange faces, and in time you begin to adopt a favourite or two. At some point you start to search for yourself in the crowd, and that may in fact be the true reason why some of us chose to follow each other in the first place.’ Alan Fears 2016

We’re excited to announce that the ‘Followers’ have been selected to exhibit at this years Nottingham Castle Open from 22nd October to 8th January.





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