Bond at Bletchley Park: Illustrations and Inspirations

A painting by Alan Fears ‘From Breakfast with Love’ has been commissioned to feature in a new exhibition of contemporary art celebrating James Bond.

This summer James Bond comes to Bletchley Park. On display in Hut 12, a temporary art exhibition celebrates Ian Fleming’s original James Bond series, as well as the most recent 007 continuation novels written by critically acclaimed author, Anthony Horowitz.

The exhibition includes a special section presenting new research into Fleming’s connection to Bletchley Park,  exploring how his work in Naval Intelligence helped to inspire the creation of the James Bond books. When Ian Fleming was assistant to the Head of Naval Intelligence during World War Two he vowed to ‘write the spy story to end all spy stories’ and went on to create Casino Royale.

Alan Fears, ‘From Breakfast with Love’ (2018). Inspired by the scene in ‘Trigger Mortis’, by Anthony Horowitz, where Bond and Pussy Galore share an awkward breakfast in Bond’s flat.


You can come and see the painting and the rest of the selected works in the exhibition which will run from 25th May to 14th October at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes. and


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