Art on the Mind: Homeless Charity Auction


We are very excited that one of Alan Fears’ paintings has been donated to the #ArtontheMind’ charity auction. The auction is in support of the homeless charity @cardboardcitz and the work alongside many leading artists including Sir Antony Gormley and Sir Anish Kapoor, will be brought together in the online auction run by @Paddle8 from 5-19 June. The exhibition @proudgalleries from 11-15 June.

‘Art On The Mind brings together an incredible list of distinguished artists who have donated work to help Cardboard Citizens raise funds to support our Workshop Programme – focusing on skills development, creative expression, and information and guidance for people with experience or at risk of homelessness or housing instability.

Artists for 2019 include:
Dave Allen, Charming Baker, Epoh Beech, Paul Bellingham, Abigail Bowen, Beatrice Brown, Stephen Buckley, Andy Burgess, Charlie Calder-Potts, Toni Cogdell, Ian Davenport, Jeremy Deller, Alan Fears, Ann Gardner, Nick Gentry, Sir Antony Gormley, Carne Griffiths, Liz Harrison, Dean Hughes, Patrick Hughes, Ann-Marie James, Charlotte Keates, James Leadbitter, Chris Levine, Andy Lovell, Chris Marshall, Graeme Messer, Harland Miller, Jack Milroy, Alan Newnham, Kim Noble, Meredith Ostrom, Dan Pears, Taina Pearson, Christine Percy, George Percy, Cathie Pilkington, Pure Evil, William Pye, Carrie Reichardt, Ray Richardson, Angela Robinson, Gideon Rubin, Willy Russell, Derrick Santini, Graham Swift, Howard Tangye, Victoria Topping, Julie Verhoeven, Nick Walker, Kristjana S Williams, Lisa Wright’

Auction runs 5th June – 19th June

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