Sitting Comfortably: A Chair That Fits Like A Glove

The Joe chair is a unique piece of furniture that was designed in 1970 by three Italian architects; Jonathan De Pas, Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi for Italian furniture company Poltronova. Shaped like a giant baseball glove the chair pays homage to baseball champ Joe DiMaggio and pop artist Claes Oldenburg. This cult classic is part of the permanent collection of the MOMA.


Fears and Kahn currently have a rare red 1980s edition available for sale.


Sculpturally Female: Vintage Figurative Sculptures

1950s Female Torso Elm wood Sculpture





1. 1950’s Hand carved Elm Wood female torso sculpture.

2. 1969 cold cast bronze ‘The Vision’ by Krishna Reddy.

3. 1970’s Bronze sculpture by Francois Tamba Ndembe.

4. 1970’s Ceramic Casserole set by Morris Rushton for Flesh Pots, UK.

5. 1960’s Hand carved Teak wood sculpture.

6. 1970’s Bronze sculpture by Francois Tamba Ndembe.


“At the age of 38 I decided to paint like it was 1989” : Itsnicethat Feature on Alan Fears’ Paintings

Great feature on Alan and his paintings on itsnicethat.

 “At the age of  38 I decided to paint like it was 1989,” says multidisciplinary artist Alan Fears. We’ve written about Alan previously for his expression filled paper mache heads, but this time the artist has applied his paintbrush to canvas with brilliant results..

“As an only child growing up in the 1980s, I spent a lot of time drawing caricatures of pop stars, movie stars, fictional people, and imaginary worlds” says Alan.

The underlying message in each of the artist’s work is positivity. “Thematically, I try to communicate the idea that we are all equally ridiculous and that none of us should take ourselves, or art for that matter, seriously. Serious people are the ones who ruin the experience of life, limit enjoyment and bum everyone out. The pointlessness in life is the point to life, that’s how it appears to me.” .

See the full article here and more Alan Fears paintings at  and

A Powerful Pair: Vintage 1960s and 1970s Table Lamps

1. 1970’s French Gold and Marble Koi lamps.

2. 1970’s Italian White Onyx column lamps.

3. 1960’s British Ceramic Lamps by Bernard Rooke.

4. 1970’s Swedish Brass and cane lamps by Bergboms.

5. 1960’s French sculptural resin lamps.

6. 1970’s American textured ceramic lamps.

The Art of Followers: Follower Paintings by Alan Fears






1. ‘486 Followers’, painting by Alan Fears.

2. ‘382 Followers’, painting by Alan Fears.

3. ‘101 Followers’,  painting by Alan Fears.

4. ‘321 Followers’,  painting by Alan Fears.

5. ’91 Followers’,  painting by Alan Fears.


Handy Furniture: The Grapple Cabinet

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