“Painting is a lazy kind of therapy”: Alan Fears is back with his Punchy Portraits on itsnicethat

Great feature on Alan and his paintings on itsnicethat.

“I expect the negative people to roll their eyes and the positive people to open theirs,” explains artist Alan Fears on the reactions he hopes to receive from his work. No stranger to It’s Nice That, we’re huge fans of his punchy scenes and humorous portraits of pop stars, film stars and fictional creations. And, since we last heard from him in 2017, Alan has kept his 80s-inspired style but he tells us how his technique has improved, “which means I got worse,” he says. “Now, I’m spending most of my time trying to undo all that I have learned in order to be freer.”

“If I can snap somebody out of a bad mood or make them do something productive, that makes me want to make more work.”

As we’re all in a current state of unknown limbo, there’s pressure to be productive, and create. But how about taking some time out – take a moment to sit back and fill your day with Alan’s cheerful paintings. You won’t regret it.

See the full article here and more Alan Fears paintings at www.alanfears.com

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